How To Be The Best Piano Teacher In Singapore – 3 Actionable Tips

Here are 3 simple tips to help you become the best piano teacher in Singapore.

1. Understanding what your student wants

Knowing how to be the best piano teacher in Singapore is all about finding out what your students want. Some students want to get Diploma or Grade 8 ABRSM qualifications as quickly as possible. Some students want to learn piano for fun. Others are just students who learnt the piano when young but forgot after decades of not playing and want to learn again. Regardless of the type of student you have, the key to becoming the best piano teacher in Singapore is to first find out what you student want, and then aligning your teaching to his or her goals. Different types of teaching is required to keep the student happy and satisfied.

piano teacher
A Singaporean piano teacher teaching her student how to play the piano

2. Learn how to teach

A lot of normal piano teachers in Singapore are qualified till at least Grade 8 ABRSM. However, this is not enough to set you apart. You need to become a good teacher and know how to impart skills and knowledge. Being a piano teacher is different from being a great pianist. Passing on your knowledge is key to become a great and phenomenal music teacher.

The kind of information you want to learn here is similar to how teachers of all subjects want. Basically, you want to learn the art of teaching. The success of a music teacher is not judged by that of the prowess of the teacher’s playing, but that of his or her student’s success.

As a result of this, it also means that you need to know the common weaknesses of Singaporean students. Many SG students are weak at sight reading. If you are not sure how to teach this, you can read my other post on how to ace your ABRSM piano sight reading exams. Local students are also generally weak at aural segment of the ABRSM exams. Therefore, these are things that you should look into in particular.

3. Being able to adapt

Different students learn best in different ways. Some students learn very well when lessons are regimental. Other students learn better when they are given more space and creativity on their own. Some students have to learn fast and be given challenges constantly to stay mentally stimulated and motivated. Other students may not perform well under pressure, and work best under relaxing conditions. You need to know how to react and teach accordingly.

Parents of your students can be another factor as well. In Singapore, many parents are the ones who ask their children to take music lessons. While kids are the ones learning piano, their parents are the ones paying for it after all. Therefore, as they have a big part to play in this learning situation, you need to take their considerations to heart as well, whatever they are and if reasonable.

Some parents want their children to learn and pass Grade 8 as fast as possible. Others just want their children to learn piano as a past time. Some Singaporean parents want their children to take piano lessons but do not want it to affect their children’s academic commitments.

In each case, you need to keep in mind the parents’ considerations as well on top of your student’s own considerations. Working out the ideal in between is the way to go if you want to become and be known as the best teacher in Singapore.

Finally… you need to GET students/customers!

Of course, all these are useless if you do not get any students. At the end of the day, it is a one person business. As a self employed person, you need customers to survive and thrive!

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What Is The Best Way To Learn The Piano In Singapore?

What is the best way for you as a music student to learn playing the piano in Singapore? Should you learn from the Internet and practise by yourself? Should you learn from a friend? Should you learn from a private home piano teacher?

It really depends on what you want to achieve. Let us take some examples below.

Learning piano to pass ABRSM exams in Singapore

If you want to take the ABRSM exams, it is strongly recommended that you connect with a piano teacher. Wanting to learn the piano to pass the piano ABRSM exams in Singapore requires a very different level of concentration and speed of learning compared to learning to play pop songs. Some may argue that it is more efficient to learn the piano yourself from online tutorials if your goal is to play pop songs, but no one will argue the importance of getting a professional piano teacher to teach you if your goal is the ABRSM exams.

Here are some reasons why it is better to get a teacher if you trying to pass your ABRSM exams.

First of all, there are a lot of marking criteria which is not just about hitting the right notes and rhythm. There are lots of it marking you on expressiveness e.t.c. These, among many others, are nuances which you may not be aware of if you did not have a teacher to point it out to you.

Second of all, especially at the higher ABRSM piano grades, every bit has to be perfect to score a distinction. Sometimes, you may not be able to catch certain mistakes (or perhaps you could improve in some complicated areas) without the help of a professional piano teacher in Singapore. Of course, that is why you need to find a good teacher for your piano lessons in Singapore to get the most out of your music goals.

Learning the piano to play pop songs

On the other hand, if your final goal is only to play pop songs on the piano, then it may not be necessary for you to actually take formal music lessons. There are a lot of online tutorials regarding this. However, of course, if you want to speed up your learning, then engaging a professional to teach you is still definitely the recommended way to go.