Taking Piano Lessons In Singapore – What Is The Best Age?

What is the best age for a person to learn the piano in Singapore? In my opinion, there are 2 ages which are perfect for a local to take piano lessons in Singapore.

The first age you should ideally learn piano is as a child. This is because as a child, you do not need to worry about any responsibilities other than your school work. Although this may feel like a lot and stressful when you are a student, it is nothing compared to the adult world – especially when you become a parent yourself. Therefore, you have not much repercussion elsewhere in your life when you are still a student (you can be a primary school or secondary school student as well). Even if you were to spend all your free, remaining time on piano lessons, you will not affect anyone else. This is not the case if you are a parent with kids to take care of and aging parents to take care of. Things get a lot messier.

The second ideal age that you should take piano lessons in Singapore is when you are financially independent. Piano lessons in Singapore do not come cheap, and this is especially the case because lessons need to be ongoing and you will need to purchase a piano to practise on at home (any serious learner needs to have their own piano). Practice is key to success when it comes to mastery of the musical instrument, and therefore you need to get your own piano. You do not want to cause yourself unnecessary stress by taking piano lessons when you are still financially unstable.

If you fall into one of the above categories, I strongly urge you to pursue your passion in music and take piano lessons. If you need a piano teacher, you may contact me at admin@augiegrillracing.com or you can contact twitter.com/sglearnpiano, one of Singapore’s very best piano teacher agency.